• 40 million people in the US don't have health care
  • American drugs are really expensive
  • Over night stay at a hospital ranges from 500-1,000 or more
  • Doctors are highly paid
  • Procedures range from 20,000-100,00, based on the procedure
  • Low risks of getting infections while staying at hospitals
The USA health is funded by each individual via insurance


  • Health care is free for all, 98 % of the people have it.
  • The prescription drugs there range from 5 USD-20 USD
  • All medical procedures are free.
  • Doctors are given a certain amount of salary, some will get bonus if they have healthy customers.
  • High risk if being infected by superbugs because of the lack of hygiene.
  • The health care system is funded by the government and the tax payers.

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